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Narrabeen Family Medical Appointments, Hours and Fees

We now have ten doctors, two practice nurses and five receptionists on staff. To make an appointment for a consultation, simply phone us on 9913 7311. If you have a preferred doctor, be sure to make that clear to the receptionist. We endeavour to see everyone within two working days. Additionally, we try to keep a few times open to accommodate urgent problems. Sick children are a priority; we always see them as soon as possible.


appointments - Our standard consultation lasts 15 minutes, and we schedule appointments accordingly. Pap smears, counselling, life insurance examinations and general medical checkups all require longer appointments. So if any of these is the reason for your visit, or if you think it will take more than 15 minutes to address your concerns, please let the receptionist know when you phone to book. Because some patients underestimate the time needed, we can run late. Therefore, it's not a bad idea to phone the surgery before your appointment to see how your doctor is going.

Online Appointments

newer online booking - We've recently upgraded our online service to HotDoc, Australia's leading patient-engagement platform. While they ask that you set up an account, it's all pretty straightforward. In return you're not only able to book an appointment with your doctor of choice right here 24/7, you'll also be able to describe in greater detail the reason for your visit. From our standpoint, we can offer even more online appointments, text appointment reminders to your mobile and alert you if test results require attention. To get started just click the graphic to the left or instant appointments.

Home Visits

home visits - Although Narrabeen Family Medical is one of the few remaining practices to make house calls, we really don't make that many anymore. If you live locally and feel you can't make it to the surgery, we may be able to come to you depending on how busy we are. Requests for such house calls are best made early in the morning before 10.00. Visits can also be arranged for patients in nursing homes. (Home visits are not bulk billed.)

After-hours Service

after-hours service - When the surgery is closed, a doctor from National Home Doctor Service, the excellent deputising service that we subscribe to, will provide primary medical care services for situations requiring urgent attention. The after-hours number (13 7425 or 13 SICK) connects with a medical referral assessor, who will take your details and arrange for a doctor to see you. They are prepared to visit patients who are housebound, residents of aged-care facilities and those who simply can't get to an emergency department. Home Doctor hours are from 4pm Monday-Friday, 10am Saturday and all day Sunday and public holidays.


fees - Since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic and Medicare's introduction of telehealth, Narrabeen Family Medical Practice have been providing short Level-B consultations over the phone for a flat $65.00 (with a $38.75 rebate). There can be exceptions regarding bulk-billing, but because they continue to change, we suggest you visit MBS Online for the most up-to-date information.

Meanwhile, the Medicare Benefits Schedule continues to divide consultations into several levels. Level B often means we take a selective history and implement a management plan. A representative example could be an "earache" that turns out to be inflamation of the middle ear.

Further levels of complexity take us to Level C and require us to take a detailed history and examine multiple systems. A headache that is actually essential hypertension would be a good example. The consultation must last at least 20 minutes to qualify for a Level C attendance.

Level D involves difficult problems where the diagnosis is elusive and highly complex, requiring consideration of several possible differential diagnoses. One example could be complex psychological problems. Level D consultations must extend at least 40 minutes.


type of consultation



Selective history and management plan



Detailed history, examination of multiple systems



Difficult problems requiring at least 40 minutes



Costs vary depending on complexity and duration

min $145

Narrabeen Family Medical Practice accepts the three major credit cards and has EFTPOS facilities. Children's immunisations and follow-up visits are bulk billed. We ask that accounts be paid at the time of consultation. If you should have difficulties paying fees, please speak to your doctor.

Medicare rebates

medicare rebates - Now you have three options. As before, you can take your receipt to a Medicare Australia office and make your claim. Or you can have us make it for you when you settle, but you'll have to wait up to three weeks for a cheque. Or, much better, you can arrange to have your Medicare rebate paid directly into your bank account before you leave the surgery. But there is a caveat. You must register your bank account details beforehand with Medicare Australia. You can do this several ways: phoning 132 011, visiting a local Medicare office or clicking to download a PDF.