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Floor Plan
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The facilities at Narrabeen Family Medical Practice

For more than 50 years, this practice shared the Bernard family home just around the corner on Pittwater Road. And although we would continually try to make the surgery more comfortable for patients while adding more and more new equipment, we had just so much room to work with. When the Albert Street space became available, we decided it was time to move. To ensure the fit-out was as modern and professional as possible, we didn't skimp. We hired a specialist architectural firm and spent many hours conferring with them. We think you'll find the results well worth the effort.


spacious waiting area - When briefing the architects, one of the first stipulations was that the waiting room be expansive. We knew how much most people appreciate their own personal space (especially during flu season). This new area is 35.4 square metres, roughly three times roomier than in our previous surgery. We also wanted this area to be light and airy with a bright, cheerful colour scheme. The seating had to be especially comfortable. And we wanted a way to keep magazines tidy as well as a generous-sized wall rack to hold a wide variety of free health-related publications.

Alternative Waiting Area

even more spacious waiting area - If you would prefer still more elbow room and fresh rather than conditioned air, we provide a lovely alternative just around the side. Newly landscaped, our alfresco waiting area features shade trees, regularly mowed lawn, an assortment of shrubs, plus a table and chairs. Just let one of our receptionists know where you'll be, and we'll come fetch you when your doctor or nurse becomes available.

Children's Play Area

children's play area - Because we especially cater to young families, we asked the designers to create a dedicated play area just for kids. Tucked in a corner at the far end of the waiting area is a wide, rectangular structure, sort of like an upholstered sandbox. Inside, our younger patients discover a generous selection of toys and children's books, many of which have been donated by parents whose kids have outgrown them. (All toys are made from hard plastic and rubber so they can withstand the weekly bleach baths we subject them to.) Already some of our smaller visitors actually look forward to visiting us...and don't mind when we run a little late. Not surprisingly, many parents seem equally grateful for this diversion.

Consultation Rooms

comfortable consultation rooms - As you would expect, each of our consult rooms is equipped with a range of day-to-day doctor tools, like tongue depressors, stethoscope, sphygmomanometer (blood pressure), electronic ear thermometer, Pap smear kits, exam couch, exam light, privacy screen, sink, even toys. However, one of our most useful tools is the computer network at the immediate beck and call of each doctor. The extremely powerful practice management software we use allows us to offer much improved patient outcomes. For instance, now we can continually audit the condition of our patients with hypertension, something that was impossible before.

Treatment Room

well-equipped treatment room - This room, shared by our doctors and practice nurses, features specialised equipment to augment that found in the individual consultation rooms. Everything has been selected based on our years of general practice experience. Assuming pride of place is our electric, three-section exam couch, which can be lowered to provide easy access for patients with disabilities. The treatment room also houses a resuscitation trolley, surgical instruments for minor procedures, an ECG machine, spirometer (to test lung function), Warfarin monitor, glucometer (blood sugar), ear syringe, cryospray (liquid nitrogen) unit, hyfrecator (to remove unwanted tissue and coagulate abnormal blood vessels), Botox® injections and a dedicated vaccine fridge with extremely tight temperature tolerances.

Changing Table

changing table - The JD Macdonald baby change station is a beautifully designed unit. Made from durable, high-impact polyethylene, the fold-down table is ergonomically contoured to form a surface which supports the baby and reduces the risk of it rolling off. Just to be sure, the unit also has an adjustable safety strap. And there are universal instruction graphics that show how to use the unit properly. If you need it, just ask.


disability-friendly access - One of the selling points for us when choosing these premises was the easy access. As you can see from this photo as well as the exterior shot on the Home page, there are no steps or raised door sills between the parking area and the waiting/ reception area. As well, we offer the use of a wheelchair, disabled toilet facilities and the above-mentioned electric exam couch.

Hanly Moir Narrabeen

douglass hanly moir collection centre - Just outside our front door you'll find one of Australia's pre-eminent pathology services providing procedural tests Monday through Friday from 7.30am - 12.30pm. In many cases you'll be able take a referral from your doctor, walk out reception and straight into the adjacent collection centre. No appointment necessary. And no more additional journeys to Dee Why or Mona Vale.

Off-street Parking

off-street parking - We share six parking spots with Douglass Hanly Moir. They're right out front with the closest being reserved for drivers with disablities. If they're all taken by other patients, you'll find handy four-hour parking along Albert Street.