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Narrabeen Family Medical Practice isn't standing still

As you would have read on the services page, the areas of health and medicine are benefiting from new breakthroughs pretty much on a daily basis. And your doctors and nurses here strive to stay abreast of those new discoveries, treatments and techniques that can improve your quality of life. What you'll find below are news items that reflect our efforts to be as progressive and proactive as possible. One further item at the bottom indicates just where this dedication to your health care originated at Narrabeen Family Medical Practice.

COVID-19 Vaccine

we start vaccinations 23 March - When the Australian Government went looking for general practices to help them administer COVID-19 vaccinations, up went our hands. Shortly after approving Narrabeen Family Medical, the Department of Health informed us that we were scheduled to commence vaccinating from Week 1 of the Phase 1b rollout. Because they have allocated a limited number of doses each week to us, we decided to start off by providing a dedicated COVID-19 Clinic twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is subject to change depending on our supply of vaccine and what happens as we move into subsequent phases. At the moment we are taking Phase 1b bookings through HotDoc.

COVID-19 Course

COVID-19 vaccination training - The Australian Government has partnered with the Australian College of Nursing to develop accredited training courses for those of us involved in the administration of COVID-19 vaccines. The focus is on the specific requirements of handling the COVID vaccines, including cold-chain management, the use of multi-dose vials and recording each and every vaccination. Dr. Nick reports that he was particularly impressed by how organised and comprehensive the training was. All of our people responsible for administering jabs have since been similarly certified.

AGPAL Accreditation

we have been fully accredited...once again - To gain accreditation, all general practices in this country must pass a stringent examination every three years. In our case a team of inspectors from Australian General Practice Acceditation Limited (AGPAL) came to the surgery and went through procedures, risk management and patient notes as well as interviewing our staff individually. At the end of their probing and prodding, they gave Narrabeen Family Medical Practice our fourth "full" accreditation. This means we have met every standard set by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners for best practice. They also asked us to provide feedback to the college on new standards being developed.

Instant Appointments

instant appointments - We have upgraded our online service to HotDoc, Australia's leading patient-engagement platform. While they ask that you set up an account, it's all pretty straightforward. In return you're not only able to book an appointment with your doctor of choice right here 24/7, you'll also be able to describe in greater detail the reason for your visit. From our standpoint, we can offer even more online appointments, text appointment reminders to your mobile and alert you if test results require attention.

iSOLVE project

iSOLVE project - Because a significant number of our patients are over the age of 65, we welcomed the opportunity to be part of a University of Sydney study investigating ways to prevent falls among older people. We see all too regularly just how debilitating and disruptive such accidents can be. In some cases a bone break can lead directly to residential aged care, which can be soul destroying for many seniors. What we've done is contact those of our patients in the target age group and offer them the opportunity to volunteer. We also made it clear that participants can discontinue at any time, and that all information collected will remain confidential.

My Health record

my health record - This Australian Government initiative creates a personal health record for you on a centralized data repository. Now your clinical information such as diagnoses, medications and allergies can be shared between hospitals and any specialists you might see. Any time of the day, any day of the week. And because they're able to update your record, we and other involved professionals are aware of any changes in your condition and/or treatment. What gets uploaded is up to you.

Dr Henry Bernard
Dr Henry Bernard

our patriarch passes away - Born Henryk Bierzynski in Tomaszow Mazowiecki, Poland, Dr Henry was attracted to medicine at an early age, spending his school holidays assisting an uncle who was a doctor. Henry began his formal medical education in 1938 at the University of Montpellier in France. After completing his first year, he returned to his family in Poland and soon found himself caught up in the outbreak of WWII. He would survive as an inmate in three concentration camps - Blizyn, Auschwitz and Dachau - before continuing his medical studies for two years in Wroclaw, Poland. In 1947, Henry emigrated to Australia where he finished his medical degree at Sydney University, placing sixth in his year. So strong was his devotion to medicine, he inspired all three of his children to become doctors, a combined accomplishment that gave him immense satisfaction. Dr. Henry died peacefully in his sleep of old age.